Best Cheeses 2022: Mixed Milk

Half wheel of cheese with wedge on oval platter

by Lilith Spencer | Photo by Nina Gallant | Styled by Kendra Smith

Culture Magazine (December 9, 2022) - Like a trick by Willy Wonka, this multi-medalist possesses the magical ability to conjure an entire meal with a single bite. The second you sink your teeth into a supple slice of Bamboozle, your palate is pulled through a familiar succession of flavors: cultured butter, salty ham, freshly-baked bread - the perfect Jambon-Beurre. Milk from Goat Rodeo's own herd of Alpine and Nubian goats is blended with cow's milk from a neighboring family farm for an especially rich mouthfeel, balanced out by just the right amount of washed-rind funk. Bathed with local beer from Cinderlands Beer Company, this cheese is teeming with terroir. It tied for ACS Second Best of Show with Beecher's Flagsheep.

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